Second season victory at the Belgium rain thriller

The round for the international GT Open in Spa-Francorchamps was a real nail biter for Mario Farnbacher. Thrilling battles for positions, unpredictable weather changes and a tyre gamble characterized the race, in which the Bavarian finally became the shining winner.

“After all what happened in the race I am extremely happy about this victory”, explained Mario Farnbacher. The race at the wheel of the Lexus over 60 minutes demanded all driving skills from the 25-year-old and his brother Dominik. “This round had everything in petto, there was no room for mistakes. It was one of our most difficult races so far and we are really satisfied”, so the German from Lichtenau.

The first half of the race was characterized by three-way battle between Farnbacher, Bentley driver Michael Meadows and Andrea Fontana in the Lamborghini. Farnbacher, who started from the second position in the grid, put a lot of pressure on the leading Fontana. “It was a close matter. I started several passing maneuvers, but I also had to keep an eye on the Bentley behind me as well”, the Lexus driver looks back.

The strong performance of Mario Farnbacher in the first half of the race was the key for Dominik Farnbacher’s way to the top. The 32-year-old took over the car for the second part of the race and tied to the strong drive of his brother. Even the rain which came all of a sudden and changed some parts of the circuit into a slippery matter, couldn’t stop him.

“While some parts of the track were wet, others were still completely dry. That was a great challenge for the entire team. Dominik – away on sliks – managed to bring the car into the pit-lane, where we put on wet tyres, what finally became the key for success”, said Farnbacher. In the remainder of the race the Lexus driver brought the win home safely, despite the difficult weather conditions.

The win in the Sunday’s race was the remediation for the disappointment in the race the day before. A slow puncture and technical problems stopped the hunt through the field of the two brothers and destroyed all chances to claim some points for the championship.

Mario Farnbacher now travels from Spa-Francorchamps to the South of France. The next round of the International GT Open takes place on the Circuit Paul Ricard from June 10th to 11th. The 25-year-old aims for the third victory this season.

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